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While cabling and bracing sound relatively simple, it takes a great deal of expertise and experience to do properly. Don’t jeopardize the longevity of your valuable trees or the safety of those who enjoy them.

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Signs that your tree may need bracing:

  • Your tree has a distinct V-Shape crotch

  • It suffered storm or wind damage.

  • It has been hit by lightning.

  • It suffered any kind of mechanical injury.

  • it has long, heavy limbs.

If your tree has any of the symptoms, cabling and/or bracing may enable you to significantly EXTEND THE LIFE of your prized tree, while assuring the safety of your property and loved ones.

What is cabling and bracing?

CABLING involves attaching high strength steel cables to two or more major limbs. This limits movement in high winds, while maintaining overall structural integrity of the tree. Cabling is an effective solution for multi-trunk trees, trees with extremely heavy limbs or where some damage has already occurred, such as a crack in a main crotch. 

​BRACING is a procedure utilizing steel rods to provide rigid support for a tree. The rods are typically installed in the lower (larger) portions of the tree to reinforce weak or split crotches or strengthen decayed areas. Bracing is normally used in combination with cabling.

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