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Attempts by the average homeowner to deal with tree cavities are usually counterproductive. This is because a number of ‘generally accepted treatments’, previously thought to be useful, are now known to be extremely harmful. An example is filling a cavity with concrete. This was thought to be effective because it blocked up the wound. Cement, however, does not permit a tree to bend, making it more susceptible to future storm damage. In addition, cement does not bond with the wood, and the gap created between the cement and the tree can collect water. This moist environment allows fungi to proliferate, making the problem far more serious than it was prior to treatment.
They attract wasps, bees, TERMITES and other insects.
WHAT CAUSES TREE CAVITIES? A tree cavity is a neglected bark injury that can result from a number of sources. The most common are improper pruning, mechanical injury (lawn mowers, edgers, bicycles, etc.) and storm damage.
WHY ARE THEY HARMFUL? Once a cavity occurs, various fungi can attack the wound site and once entrenched, are very difficult to get out. Insects, birds and animals also use the open wound as an access point, further harming the tree. Carpenter ants are particularly destructive, as they excavate tunnels throughout the tree, allowing water to accumulate. Excess water results in wood rot, causing even more damage.

ASK THE EXPERTS AT UTTM, Inc. Each tree is unique and needs to be individually evaluated to determine the best treatment. Often the best solution is to leave the cavity alone – small wounds in most healthy trees frequently compartmentalize and should not need cavity treatment. Sometimes a simple cleaning of the cavity by qualified professionals, with periodic follow-up to assess recovery will do. In other cases, a cavity fill treatment using the latest flexible, non-toxic and water resistant urethane foams will be required. Only a professional can assess, treat and maintain trees with cavity damage. If you even suspect you have a problem, call U.T.T.M., Inc. today for a free assessment. Enjoy the beauty of your landscape while protecting its value.

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