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What is root feeding?

Deep Root Fertilization involves injecting a liquid fertilizer into the root zone of the tree under high pressure, providing both fertilization and aeration, and is the most effective method of fertilizing your trees.​​

Trees are just like people – they need a balanced diet for proper health and growth. In a natural forest setting, trees are fed by the rich blanket of humus on the forest floor. In our urban environment, however, they need some help. 

​Air pollution, poor drainage, compacted soil and competition with other softscape materials (grasses, flowers, shrubs, etc.) all contribute to a very stressful environment for your valuable trees. This makes them more susceptible to infestation by insects and disease, further compounding the health exposure.Fertilizing your trees is essential to regain the lost natural cycle. Surface fertilizer applications are somewhat effective, but much of the fertilizer is absorbed by grass and other plants, significantly reducing the amount that reaches the roots of your trees.

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Proudly servicing North Houston since 1982, U.T.T.M., INC. offers complete tree and garden care services for your home or office at the most competitive prices available.  We deliver top-quality service using fully-trained, uniformed crews and the latest industry equipment.

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UTTM can grind most stumps on your property, with any fenced area requiring a minimum 34” gate opening for grinder entry.We can either haul all shavings so you won’t be left with waste in your yard, or leave them neatly piled to be used as mulch for gardens and flowerbeds.
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