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Storm Protection and Aftermath

Remember Hurricane Rita, Ike? Luckily, most of it missed us them, but a lot of trees came down in the winds we experienced. Since most South Texas trees have shallow root structures, it doesn’t take much wind to knock them over once the ground becomes saturated from the torrential rains we regularly experience.One of our clients had three 90-100 foot pine trees within 20 feet of their house; they still call to thank us for removing them a mere two months before THE HURRICANE stuck. They’re absolutely certain those trees would have come down and completely destroyed their home due to the sustained winds that hit the Champion Forest area.The longer you wait to remove dead trees the more expensive and hazardous it becomes to your family, property and our employees. Don’t take a chance. Let us tell you if some trees need pruning or, to assure your safety, if selective removal is necessary.Our climbers are professionally trained, using the latest equipment and techniques to ensure a safe and professional job. Call us for a free assessment of your ‘Weather Exposure’.


U.T.TM., Inc. does not  encourage removal of healthy trees, but sometimes they’re too close to your house, buckling sidewalks and driveways or affecting the integrity of your foundation. Perhaps you have trees that, over the years, have grown to obscure the view of your home and affect its drive up appeal. Possibly there are seriously diseased or dead trees, endangering you and your property due to their susceptibility to damage from the frequent violent storms we experience in the Houston area.

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